Wk 2 – Activity – Painting

This week’s activity was sweet! Since first hearing about the activity I was stoked on being forced into spray painting and still stoking on the project. The two colors I used were green and purple. I first started by outlining my name in bubble letters with green. Immediately when I pressed the cap down and started spraying, I felt the enjoyment of creating art this way. My first outline turned out great and kind of surprised myself how well I thought it looked.


I then went on to fill in my bubbles with purple and kept creating layers to get more of a quality name. This part was cool because I was able to keep modifying first time mistakes. Once I had my name written out and filled in, I did not feel ready to walk away and be done.


Since I still had left over spray paint, I just started messing around with a dripping effect. It was fun to keep messing around and at times some parts looked so rad, but now by the end messing around as turned into a dripping mess.   mms_picture(2)


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