Wk2 – Artist Interview – Maccabee Shelley

I was in Maccabee Shelley’s exhibit the most while I was at SOA and heard a lot what he had to say. My favorite thing said was when he talked about Humboldt in his work. He says that Humboldt is a unique beauty that we do not get here. It is large, beautiful, open, and tranquil. Shelley does not necessarily put Humboldt in his work but instead something more powerful. He brings Humboldt into him by letting go and filling up with a large, beautiful, open, tranquil atmosphere and flowing all of that into his work. And bada bing, bada boom, we are in Maccabee Shelley’s focus zone.


It is incredible to see what is being made and that Maccabee has only been working with glass for no more than nine months. What is even more amazing is thinking about how he is working with glass and all the little parts that go into his work, such as every piece of glass. A piece that I found the most cool is a small one (see below). But what went into it is fascinating. There are different bottles from color and thickness that formed such an interesting mini tower. And the significance of his podium for the piece is great too. Maccabee sees that pink is a color that works with all bottles but there is no pink glass bottle, so he is saying that this is glass and this is not. Cool meaning.



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