Wk4 – Artist Interview – Makaila Palmer

Makaila Palmer has a very intriguing collection of paintings representing different European cities: Venice, Florence, Capri, Dublin, and Tuscany. Not only did Makaila paint a scene and landscape of each city, but also incorporated Euro bills. Makaila spent four months abroad in Florence last Fall traveling to each city and didn’t even start painting landscape until back home in the states. She painted the backgrounds a landscape and the front is a mesh of the city, focusing the sense and essence to show the intent of where each place is. Along with the essence, she challenged herself to match each city with the color a euro bill. Makaila’s favorite piece and place is Dublin which she matched with the ten euro bill. Another connection between the paintings is that the number of the bill is hidden within the scene.

20150212_1127311          img_1949

I also observed and enjoyed Rachel Gehrke’s work, which focuses within deep sea and deep space including sea creatures.



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