Wk5 – Activity – Kickstarter


I think the Davek umbrella is a good idea with the technology. I guess it is a good idea trying to change the umbrella but I don’t really use an umbrella or have had the problem of losing one yet, so I see the technology of the Davek the biggest part. I think the micro chip the product uses can be so useful for so many other products already out, such as wallets and keys. It’s a great idea that can go far in other products.


I don’t think the TREU engagement ring box is that great of an idea. I don’t see the TREU box making it that far. It is maybe a good idea to post how to make them for the people who care about it, but personally I am not the fan. Also, I get the short video shows a point, but a little longer video with anything else to make a cheesy product any more cheesier would have helped.


I think Rework Furnishings is a great project because of the influence of the arts and crafts movement and even trying to keep the price for their products affordable. I like the products they make by all the reused wood and giving each piece a creative character.


MooGoo the Fairy Dragon seems to just be a plush toy. It does not have any cause and I’m not sure if it is based off a character or what, but I would think there are fairy dragons already out there.


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