Wk6 – Activity – Yarn Bombing

IMG_0317 IMG_0315 IMG_0310 IMG_0309

For my yarn I knew exactly what to use, an old tie dye. I cut up the shirt in strips long ways and tied them to the lights hung up on my patio. While tying the shirt, i realized how cool it is with each strip having its own effect. Unfortunately, while standing back you can’t really tell how each one is so different from each other. While up close there is a tint of a blue within the green, which is hard to see far back.

This project was cool because I got to add some color around light, and who doesn’t like light and color together? I got to see effects within the project by each strip being different and the change of perspective while being near and far. This is nothing like real yarn bombing and I have respect for those folks.


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