Wk7-Artist Interview-Clare Samani

Clare Samani opened the Dutzi Gallery, which was a group solo show called “Paradox”. So the gallery displayed art posters from several art students, making one gallery show. The whole point of the gallery is to show the different forms of printmaking. This kind of gallery goes on only once a year so for being a group show, people in the class can only hope to get into the gallery. Printmaking creates a clean print, right onto the paper; not messy or splotchy. Clare loves to draw and paint, so she finds curating and printmaking perfect since it can use all processes.

The Paradox show held prints that contain a paradox, a word, or phrases. “Plating Veggies” is a paradox because of the pizza flower plant meaning. There was a poster that just said “Paradox”. Another said “I’m not doing this assignment”, but they really did do the assignment and even made it in the gallery.

mms_picture_3(1) mms_picture_2(3) mms_picture_1(4) mms_picture(6)


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