Wk7 – Classmate Interview – Jay Tilva

Jay Tilva is a twenty-two year old sophomore that I think made a smart move, took a couple years off from school after his first year of college. Meeting Jay now, I can tell he is one with himself and one with his surroundings. Jay lives at home in Cerritos, about a twenty minute commute. He went to El Gore high school and was a big football player until a nasty injury changed some aspects of life. Jay tore his ACL, which took him out of his game and broke connections of football after high school. Instead of letting the injury haunt Jay any longer, he realized a passionate interest in health and has known to work in business. Jay turned his injury around into a passion to pursue.

Meeting Jay has allowed me to meet my first Price is Right winner. That’s right, Jay won Price is Right. He won recently too, which made talking about it even crazier. A hilarious part in his story is when he was interviewed in order to get picked, he spoke in an Indian accent the whole time just to play around. While at the wheel, people are tied with 75. Spins another and lands 100; $1000 plus another spin. Jay spins a green 10; $10,000 just like that. During the showcase, Jay’s opponent passes then ends up bidding over while Jay bids under, winning his showcase which includes a trip to Bali, home theater system and everything a living room needs. I find myself watching Price is Right randomly often and always thinking how fast everything has to be moving for the player; Jay was able to prove that, “You stand around for five hours then only shoot for one, and if you’re picked then everything is moving at 100mph.” I’m glad to meet someone else older in this class and stoked to have it be Jay man.


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