Wk8 – Activity – Remix Culture

For this activity, my friends and I recreated a pool and water park. The idea came up by the blazing weather we had over the weekend. It’s Saturday and instead of going to the beach, we threw out ideas of bringing the beach to the house. We were totally messing around with these ideas, then decided to turn our friends’ truck bed into a jacuzzi. We realized we have a mini ramp in the back and that there must be some way to turn it into a pool.

We hammered extra sheets of wood surrounding the ramp, making a box. Then hammered stilts on the side to hold the box together. Threw in a tarp and started fillin er up! Bada-bing-bada-boom, next thing I know is that I am having a gosh darn, grand ol ball of a time in this mini ramp water park!

IMG_1837IMG_1836IMG_1963IMG_1945 IMG_1958IMG_1953IMG_1949 IMG_1960IMG_1968RIP


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