Wk8 – Artist Interview – Brian Davis

Brian the juiceman. Man, what a cool exhibit! Everything was interactive. The whole thing is such an awesome idea and experience. Everything individually is a cool meaning as well. You didn’t have to be as careful compared to other galleries. The viewer becomes one with the work. I really liked the juice, it was able to get people all on the same level which opened so many conversations and connections between everyone. Macabee Shelley was also back and involved in the exhibit. Macabee is always trying to work on something new and his new project is a cardboard drum set. Macabee like the surprise of not knowing what product will come out, which is one of the aspects in the cardboard drum kit. Not only have I not heard anything about a cardboard drum set, but Macabee hasn’t either and that is why he is making one. A big lesson taught within the exhibit is to learn by trying and make the most of the raw love.

mms_picture(7) mms_picture_1(5) mms_picture_2(4) mms_picture_3(2)


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