Wk8 – Classmate Interview – Mukesh Sehdev

All hail Mukesh Sehdev of India! A twenty-year old man who was born in India and came to America with his parents. Mukesh’s accent is almost unrecognizable by all the speech classes he has done and the fact that he came to America at such a young age. Growing up and watching his parents non stop working and fighting the struggle to live, Mukesh has grown into a hard worker too, yet focuses his hardworking attitude towards his passion which is game programming.

Mukesh has already programmed a few games and has even made some money for his work. Microsoft has put some of his work on their play store and also gave Mukesh $100 for his contribution. Mukesh has been living his passion of game programming and plans to keep fulfilling his passion. Mukesh is still growing and has put hard work into living healthy. Mukesh’s changing lifestyle includes exercising, eating the right food, and making own meals. I believe there’s a new Subway Jared for that in the last 7 months, Mukesh has lost a staggering 40 pounds!!! Let’s all take some notes and learn something from my new frend!



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