Wk9 – Activity – Architecture and Urban Planning

Cognitive Map


Adopt a Building


I chose our Library because while working on this project and all of my homework, I was in the library and figured I could stay and finish all my work.

Unfortunately while I was there, I was unable to find someone who could answer my questions about the library. Luckily after searching online I found some information from http://web.csulb.edu/library/guide/lib_profile.html. I found out that the framework for the library is the construction of the apartment building when the campus first opened in 1949. In 1950, the State Public Works Board agreed to a permanent site and the property was purchased for $1 million. More than $25,000 was set aside for the Library Director, Charles Boorkman to buy books. A new library came about and was finished in 1955, a single story building would seat over 300 and house the expanding holdings. The library changed again in 1957, which it was turned into a three story building which added 74,000 square feet. “The present Library complex opened in 1972, becoming the largest library facility in the 19-campus CSU system. The Library had grown from a one-room building to a modern six-story building with a seating capacity near 4,000. The Library experienced a major remodel in 2006-2007 (completed in January 2008).”

I also was able to interview a student, Julian Reisch, a few questions about library use. So here that is:

Me: “How often do you use our library?”

Julian: “Probably once a month.”

Me: “Why is that?”

Julian: “I’m an athlete and we have the BAC (Bickerstaff Academic Center), so I use that most of the time. I come here to study for tests when the BAC is closed and I have somewhere to study all night.”

Me: “Have you ever rented a book?”

Julian: “No, but I’ve rented movies.”

Me: “What movies and why?”

Julian: “Surf movies, there is everything. One day I went to check it out and found movies. Then wondered and stumbled upon the surf movies.”

Me: “Do you have any complaints about our library?”

Julian: “I like the library, but it could be open 24 hours, all time, never close.”

Me: “If you could add one thing, what would it be?”

Julian: “A 24 hour policy. And more food and snacks than Starbucks.”

Me: “But there’s Beach Hut”

Julian: “It’s not open on weekends and that’s the only time I come.”

Thanks Julian.



The brand spanking all new super-mega weird sports pyramid!!! Starting with the outside, the pyramid reflects our Father Sun and Mother Earth, basically becoming Earth Mama. Tangled around all four corners are the viniest vines of all vine world. Green for Earth, and blue for ocean. The top opens up for our Father Sun allowing galactic laser beams to hit, reflect, and bring to us the astrology powers beyond our universe. Now, let’s step inside to the outside and began the journey of my side. You will see an oddly normal basketball and volleyball court, yet will notice the strange transformational process into a tennis court with the power to grow the greenest grass on both sides for a soccer field. And from the tennis soccer field, comes a full blown ice hockey rink. This is not just a rink though, once melted becomes a Olympic pool. Admyst the Myst, from dusk ’til dawn, the white light will embrace change and transform into a rejuvenated deep-sea sport fishing wave pool with the most clean, comfortable, tranquil, and peaceful greenhouse time of your life (barrels).


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