Wk10-Activity-Student Choice

This week I decided to do tie dye for my activity. I made quite a few shirts that week and recorded some of my process. To make tie dyes, there are a few steps. First is to get the white shirt. Second, you want to tie it and there are several different ways and techniques. I was working on many “bulls eye” shirts. When finished, it contains many layers of circles throughout the shirt starting in the middle. So once you tie it, it is time to soak it in a chemical called soda ash. Soda ash opens up the seams to allow the dye to stay and change the color of the shirt. After soaking, ring out the excess water and lay it down on the dye area. Now it is time to grab your dyes and start the color process.

Once you have the shirts dyed, you want to put them in a bag separately and let them sit for at least 8-12 hours, but doesn’t hurt to leave them longer. After waiting so patiently, it is time to see the creation. Rinse the shirt under running water until the dye runs clear. Untie the shirt, see your creation and put a smile on your face. Now through it in the wash and then hang dry. The masterpiece is complete.

mms_picture(17) mms_picture_1(8) mms_picture(11) FullSizeRender(3) IMG_6732


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