Wk10-Artist Coversation-Dawn Ertl

Walking into Dawn Ertl’s MFA exhibition, Radius of Action, my mind, body, and spirit was immediately taken away to a whole new realm. This monstrous artwork, One Nation Under God, was the centerpiece of the center of the universe, where I seemed to find myself. One Nation Under God got me thinking about orderly chaos. The piece is made out of so many different materials and every little part has meaning, even meanings within the meanings.

One Nation Under God is a set of twelve weavings based on colors of the American flag. The structure compares relationships of things we are aware of and things that elude us. Meanings within the title is the Nation and God combine songs dealing with principles of religion and politics; Under is what keeps us down. All circumstances that seem out of control make us stringer if we get past them. The wool and plastic within the weaving represent nature and man-made. “Together yet rejected, not all accepted.”mms_picture(18)


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