Wk11-Artist Conversation- Gabriel Garcia

Walking into Gabriel Garcia’s exhibit I felt anger, hatred, aggression, and aggravation. I hope all anger was carried away and taken away from this work. It was as if I was in the middle of hell. Many hard topics were all together and enlarged. Anger is shown through the artwork.

All work is charcoal with graphite or ink, while the white is from an erased technique. Garcia started this work in January. The grey stone slows it down, more than black and white. The anger I felt is meant to be more psychological mind space rather than yelling. All artwork was based on ideas or personal events from new throughout last year. Garcia’s basis is on why we stereotype.

The meaning behind Olongapo is that in October, a marine killed a transgender and becomes in the middle of a hatred crime. The soldier turns into a killer. The identity and sexuality involves the marine taking a girl home, finds out she is a man, snaps and kills her.

mms_picture_3(4) mms_picture(12) mms_picture_1(9)


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