Wk12-Activity-Algorithmic Art

This week for my algorithmic art, I made tie dyes again. This time I focused on stars and mandalas. The mandalas I made contain many layers of folds and layers of dye. To make a mandala, you must tie it in a certain way but just like everything there are several techniques one can use. I focused on a shirt and a tapestry. Each one is a different kind of mandala. The shirt is a simple 8 pointed star and the tapestry is just insane. Each piece, only contains primary colors; red, yellow, and blue. Although the shirt I went over with black to show the points more. So only using primary colors, I had to mix yellow and blue to make the green on the shirt.

Mandalas contain multiple layers of folds and colors. Over the weekend I had a $10 tie dye sale in front of my house. Even how I set up my shop, everything was layered creating a whole new algorithmic art.

Plus a few extra after the weekend.

mms_picture_2(10) mms_picture(20) mms_picture_1(13)mms_picture(19)


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