Wk12-Student Interview-Conor Hawks

Conor Hawks spells his name with one ‘n’. I mention this because of the many ways to spell one name. When first meeting, I asked if he spelled his name ‘or’ or ‘er’, and it blew my mind to hear one ‘n’. Confused me for a minute. So yeah, learned a new way to spell Conor, Connor, Conner, and I guess maybe even Coner. Anyways Conor and I are the same age, twenty-one. He tooke two years off to join our military right out of high school. Conor went to high school at Mater Dei, near where I grew up. We talked about sports at that school, since they are so intense and had to mention that I beat them in water polo when the game was sponsored by Gatorade. He laughed with me since he has a good sense of humor and told me a story of that happening to their football team.

Conor now lives in Belmont Shores and valets and Huntington Shore Hotel. We share a love for the ocean and he surfs after work for being just right across the street at work. Conor is a great guy to hold a conversation with and glad we talked.



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