Wk13 – Artist Interview – Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis’ exhibition is a cool piece of work. Some people didn’t realize that it as even interactive. As I walk to his corner, I walked through the projection. I look in the mirror, and I became the art piece with his work projected on me. The longer you watch his presentation, the more interesting it got. It starts with lights, then glasses, mirrors, himself, to the store messing around with mirrors, windows, and lights.

Lewis worked with glass, light, and reflections. He works with the theory of “Gestell” by the frame of reference through technology. There is meaning of shooting videos of ourselves and looking at ourselves. He wanted to keep it personal, so he kept the videos of himself. It took him a couple months to video himself and choose the right ones to keep a time limit, even though while shooting he was wanting to make it longer. We all have our own perception and noticed playing with glasses could end up creating a meaning of perception through his own vision.

mms_picture(16) mms_picture_1(11) mms_picture_1(12) mms_picture_2(9)


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