Wk14 – Student Conversation – Matt Mendez

This week I met Matt Mendez. Matt is a junior and is done with school next spring. He is studying History and we share some of the same aspirations, such as our dream to become teachers. Where I see myself teaching younger, Matt sees himself teaching college which I think is rad because I can see him being a cool college professor. We also grew up in cities near each other; Matt is from Costa Mesa. He still lives there, but has moved out with his girlfriend.

Matt works at Ruby’s as a waiter in South Coast Plaza, a few blocks away from where he lives. Because of living down there, he has to commute to school which takes twenty minutes. This semester he has been having classes Monday thru Thursday, but next semester will be just Tuesday and Thursday. Matt listens to classic rock, such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. I mentioned to Matt that the Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular is coming to the Carpenter Center this month which I am going to and he was interested in, so might be seeing him there. Matt’s dream car is a 1969 Camaro, a classic piece of artwork.



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