Wk15 – Artist Interview – Elia Murray

This week during the Illustration and Animation “Drawn Out” BFA Senior Show, I was interested in Elia Murray. Murray has an interestingly awesome take on cartoon characters. She will use a character as an inspiration and will configure it even more as a cartoon. Murray will focus on making the cartoon in a certain mood that fits the personality best, interrupting what the character is saying. Murray works mostly with water color as for she has grown up around it.

Elia Murray grew up in a creatively charged environment. Her father taught her how to draw when she was little and her mother pushed her into every creative avenue possible. The support from her parents has created her as the artist she is today. Today, Murray’s dream job is to work for Disney or another major production company. She has most recently taken a tour of “Chicken Robot” and is trying to get an internship there. “I enjoy writing, drawing, painting, and sculpting fun, lively characters. I dream of someday having some of my own characters come to life on a big, or small, screen.” Best of luck and wishes Elia Murray.

mms_picture_2(12) mms_picture_1(16) mms_picture(25)


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